Ear Acupuncture

Did the French or Chinese invent Auricular Acupuncture? Their charts are slightly different. Despite this debate it is a very useful form of Acupuncture partly, because the needle phobic cannot see them. Also useful for the chronically shy as the patient does not need to disrobe. The lower part of the ear reflects the higher parts of the body. Points that need needling are sensitive to touch and I use an ear palpation tool to do this. It is not true that that Ear Acupuncture is just for giving up smoking but, the point ‘Shenmen’ in the centre of the top of the ear is widely used for this.

Ear Acupuncture chart
Ear Acupuncture chart

This chart shows some of the points with the corresponding parts of the body. This is a guide because in fact there are at least 350 Ear points. Some books such as that by French man Nogier show specific Zones and Lines. There are various ways to stimulate the points including Laser, and needles, sometimes the points need stimulating over a period of time to treat difficult problems such as Symphysis pubis dysfunction and to do this I often use seeds (Ear seeds are small seeds from the Vaccaria plant.) The seeds are held in place by a small plaster. Or the method I use mostly is the French ASP needle.

ASP Needles
French ASP needles
These needles are tiny, the tips go into the outer layer of the skin and are covered by a plaster. They are sterile and tend to stay in a lot better than the ear seeds. They can be energised by the finger or the small magnet.