Acupuncture in Paignton

Acupuncture is performed by inserting small, sterile and disposable needles into points on the body that are recognised as Acupuncture Points. They are on energy channels that surround and run through the body. The energy is known as Qi and is often defined as ‘Life Force’. It is Qi that brings this mass of bones and tissue that is our bodies to life.

When we start to get ill our Qi is affected, it can stagnate or deplete or go out of balance in other ways, it is Qi that is balanced by the insertion of Acupuncture needles into Acupuncture points. In this way disease or dis-ease can be controlled and often a person can be brought back in to good health.

Needles in skin next to 10p A Small amount of history

1,500 BC Shang Dynasty, the first evidence of Acupuncture. Needles were made of bone and Ivory.

400 BC Warring States Period, Acupuncture theory changed from a form that that disease was caused by bad ‘spirits’ to a form based on natural observations. The concepts of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements were formed. Needles were made of Bronze and Iron.

200 BC the ‘Nei Jing’ was published, this is the book that most Traditional Acupuncture is based on.

562 AD China presented books and charts to Japan.

618-907 AD Tang Dynasty. An Imperial medical College was active in China, the course lasted seven years!  We were in the ‘Dark Ages’!

1949 AD The Peoples Republic of China was formed. Initially it was seen as ‘folklore’ and outlawed as it was seen as a medicine of ignorant Peasants. Many of the ancient books were burnt and lost for ever. Eventually Acupuncture was seen as valuable, cheap and effective. A committee was formed to modernise the theory and much of the theory that was a odds with the values of the Communist Party was dropped and a new form of Acupuncture was born which became known as Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). many Western Practitioners now Integrate the old and new forms together to give maximum effect.