Spiny Seahorse


Chinese Medicine Trade

Why write about Seahorses on an Acupuncture website? Acupuncture Torbay is associated with the Chinese Medicine trade by the fact that I practice Chinese Acupuncture and used to use Patent herbal remedies. Under pressure from the Pharmaceutical Industry the EU stopped Acupuncturists from using Patent herbs even though we are trained in this. We used to have good ethical Herbal suppliers here in the UK but because of the EUs actions they went out of business.

I now use Herbal Supplements and longer use herbs, if a Patient wants them they will have to go to a Chinese Herb Shop who are not so choosy about what they sell. Every year a staggering 150 MILLION (plus) seahorses are used in the Traditional Medicine Trade, this is just not sustainable, they could be extinct in the wild within the next 20 to 30 years, unless we urgently address the problems facing them.

Seahorse Trust

I support a UK charity called The Seahorse Trust which is run by my Brother Neil. The Trust has set up projects in Cambodia and Ireland and has helped with many other projects around the world. In the UK, Neil got Seahorses listed as a ‘Protected Species’ and they are now legally protected. He has also persuaded E-Bay to stop selling live and dried Seahorses.

He also does a lot of research on Seahorses and has bred nearly every type of Seahorse in the world and he advises the Sealife Centres and the National Marine Aquarium on how to keep Seahorses. I am a volunteer Diver with the Trust and we are trying to get an area at South Beach, Studland, Dorset protected as a Marine Protection Zone, unfortunately there are a lot of ‘not in my backyard’ yacht owners there but we will win in the end. ThisSeahorse 4 is a major Seahorse breeding area and is of world importance.


Please, if you care about wildlife, donate to the Seahorse Trust. The Trust is supported by many people and two of it’s Patrons are Chris Packham and Kate Humble but most of the big charities are getting all of the money at the moment and the Trust is struggling to survive, it may not last much longer and there is a lot more work to do. To visit the Trust click on the letters of the Seahorse Logo. To donate click on ‘Donate’ or visit the Trust and click on their ‘Donate’ button. Any amount will help.Seahorse Trust Logo


Thank you for your kindness, Kim Maidment