Ear Acupuncture used for Pain killing

Battlefield Acupuncture was developed in the USA by Dr. Richard Niemtzow, chief of the Air Force Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Center in 2001. The U.S. military has added the ancient holistic therapy of acupuncture to its arsenal for fighting opioid abuse in the ranks. Richard gave me advice to help with my Dental Acupuncture Dissertation and when I had finished my research, I fed it back to him.


Tiny ASP Gold Needle


Battlefield Acupuncture works on the same principles as Auricular Acupuncture and also Acupuncture detox The body is reflected in the ear. Five main painkilling points are used in the Battlefield Acupuncture protocol to kill pain both chronic and acute. I have used it to get someone out of bed when he couldn’t move due to severe Sciatica pain. He went on holiday the next day!

Battlefield Acupuncture ear points


ASP Needles in ear.

How is battlefield Acupuncture used?

In the Clinic, the patient describes their pain and if it is too bad to get the Patient laying for body Acupuncture I get them sat on the edge of the couch or even standing. I then insert needles A and B. They then have a little walk around the treatment room to see how it feels. If they then think they can lay down, I stop with the ear needles and carry on with Body Acupuncture. If they are still to painful I then carry on with this process until all five are in. Usually by this time they can lay down, if they can’t, I carry on with the other ear. I haven’t had one that couldn’t lay down by this stage.

After this they then need to disrobe to their underwear, lie down and I use needles in their back or buttocks or legs with some Moxibustion. Before this I may use Bio-Magnetic therapy to straighten them up. It is all fluid and depends on what I think of the Patients condition. The patient may then go away with an ASP needle in their ear to help keep any pain at bay. If they have been in acute pain they may then come back in 3 days for another treatment.