Trigger point acupuncture is slightly more aggressive and uses direct manipulation of muscular tightness (knots) known as Trigger points. It seeks to generate repeated and involuntary twitching from the suspect muscle or muscle group. This usually leads to an immediate reduction of the tightness as well as a reduction or elimination of the related problems. 

Acupuncture Man
Acupuncture man

Acupuncture returns the natural balance to your muscles and is one of the safest ways to address physical problems. usually involving only some short-term muscular soreness caused by the involuntary twitching often the soreness is similar to post workout soreness.

Whether the trigger points are caused by new or old injuries, improper or overtraining, incorrect posture or body mechanics or just life!

Trigger Points

To visualise a Trigger Point, think about a ball of elastic bands. This is how your fibres in your muscles have become. They should all be roughly parallel and not in a knot!

The drug-free process involves using knowledge of the muscular causes of your problem and hands on touch to locate the unnatural tightness. Next the Acupuncturist inserts an ultra thin single use acupuncture needle into the suspect muscle and gently probes looking to produce localized involuntary twitching. This reaction has the effect of releasing the knot and allowing fresh blood flow in to the area to allow recovery. Producing an immediate reduction or elimination of the tightness. 

The probability of success can usually be determined within 1 to 3 treatments.


I have trained in this technique to improve my performance in treating muscular pain. Other types of Acupuncture were not so effective when there were definite knots in the muscles. Often this technique is used by Physiotherapists and is termed ‘Dry Needling’, their course is only a couple of weekends though!  If you do go to a Physiotherapist or Doctor for ‘Dry Needling’ and they attempt to do this with a syringe, run away fast! It is not safe to do this. I find that this technique works well with Bio-Magnetic Therapy.