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Herbal Supplements

Herbal Supplements
Herbal Supplements

Herbal Supplements are herbs that are formed into tablets in a concentrated form that is made from herbal powder. The Manufaturers formulate them to Augment the ‘syndromes’ recognised in Traditional Chinese Medicine. See TCM page. An example would be Chrysanthemum +3 which Sedates Yang and Clears Wind. Which could be manifesting as Headaches with neck ache or constant anger with dizziness. A proper TCM diagnosis using Pulses and Tongue would need to be made first.

If you go to a Chinese shop there is the chance the Patents will have endangered species or chemicals such as steroids in them be aware. One example of this is the use of Seahorses in some remedies. Many Chinese shops can substitute for them but many use real Seahorses!

Patent Herbs are not like ‘western’ medicines as they can take over a month to start working. Because they work at a deep level in our bodies and repair the cause of our problems rather than masking the symptoms like a lot of ‘western’ medicines do. I use Supplements sometimes to work away in the background whilst I address other problems with Acupuncture

Patent Herbal RemediesPatent herbal remedies

Used slightly differently, supplements are similar to Patent herbs. There are thousands of types. Chinese Herb Shops stock them. Supplying ‘ethical’ herbs in the UK was a great supply industry but they all had to close due to EU Regulation.

Unfortunately Patent Herbal remedies are now outlawed for the use of Acupuncturists by the EU, although we have used them for many years and many of us have done courses on the subject. Sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Industry, lobbyists pushed for this. They want patenting of  Patent Herbs (seems like a play on words!) This will mean only companies like those in Pharmaceuticals will be able to afford the licensing process and the cost of the herbs will skyrocket in price. Now I hope we have cast off the chains of the EU and can get back to common sense and allow these types of medicine again. I take them personally, getting them from a Chinese company that flouts the rules!